buy gabapentin online usa BIYCLE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE

buy Pregabalin australia Why bicycle repair and maintenance? Nearly everyone loves bicycles, many people own them, but few know how to repair them. In the emerging world, where there is little or no gasoline, when more people are living in community, when people again recognize the value of outdoor exercise and take every opportunity to engage in it, there will be more bicycles and a greater need to take care of them. Combine that with the simple fact that it is simply empowering to be able to repair things, and what emerges is this course on bicycle repair.

(with thanks to Jim Langley at for the ideas provided for this course)

passez à ce site web Topics to be covered include:

  1. What’s on your bicycle
  2. Basic bike care – ten steps to keeping a bicycle in top condition (the outer bike)
  3. Basic maintenance – pedals, handlebars, chain, drivetrain, removing rear wheels
  4. Basic Repairs
  5. On the road repairs
  6. More involved repairs
  7. Tools