discover this info here Why learn about emotional hygiene: Carrying around emotional baggage, such as old hurts and grievances, is harmful both to yourself and to those around you. Learning how to be aware of it and being able to clear it out of your system is a very important first step towards personal empowerment. In this course, we will learn many techniques for becoming emotionally clear. These include:

  • Forgiveness
  • Reevaluation counseling
  • Observation, awareness, and intention
  • Fire ceremony for dissolving grievances and old hurts
  • And more

http://davidbjelland.com/wbI8Os Why learn about mental hygiene: Everything that you do, see, read, hear, participate in, and everyone that you spend time with contributes to your mental health and clarity. However, at times we find ourselves taking things in that are not in our best interest. How does one walk in this world and still maintain peace of mind and a higher level of consciousness? An in depth study of this topic is the exploration for this unit. Topics include:

  • Keeping your inner fire lit
  • Avoiding parasitic energy
  • Changing negative energy into positive energy
  • Goal Setting for mental clarity
  • The impact of food on the mind and empowered eating
  • Physical techniques for strengthening the mind and will power
  • And more…