Przeworsk Why this course: Forgiveness is a basic, if not the basic, key for peace of mind, better relationships, and spiritual advancement.

In this unit, we will go deeper into understanding the power of forgiveness and how it is a powerful road to developing compassion for yourself and others. We will study books and watch films that deal with this subject. There will be ample time for discussion and we will also learn about how journaling can be used hand-in-hand with forgiveness.

hatefully Some of the topics and useful books and media used will be:

  • A Course in Miracles (text, workbook, and manual for teachers)
  • A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
  • Amish Grace DVD: A true story about the 2006 murders of children in an Amish school and how the Amish community quickly forgave the murderer
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Why is this Happening to me Again? By Michael Ryce
  • And more