cat reading1)  review Handbook for Lucid Living – Creating Spiritual Power in Everyday Life by John Stern: The fourteen steps I have listed in this book are a combination of techniques, teachings, and insights that I have learned on my journey. All of these I have used repeatedly and have given me outstanding results. The fourteen chapters are on the following fourteen topics (several excerpts are at this site): Let go of the past; Listen for Intuitive guidance; Practice gravity training; Be Mission-oriented; Keep your fire lit; Watch for signs from the environment; Avoid energy parasites; Use contradiction therapy; Shift negative energy into positive energy; Avoid self-sabotage; Practice the art of giving; Practice being a true friend; Renounce superstition; Challenge the impossible. Click here to purchase this book

2)  accutane gp uk A Course in MiraclesWhen I first read this in 1992, I felt it was the most profound and helfpul book I have ever read. That holds true to this day, 22 years later. This is primarliy a book about forgiveness. It is also about the ego, deconstructing the ego, special realtionships and holy relationships, listening to the inner voice, love, our shadow side, what love is, true vision (note: this is my terminology), how to develop true vision and much, much more. The book is made up of (depending on which version you get, see below) a textbook, 365 daily lessons, a manual for teachers, and a glossary of terms. There is no “required” way to read it; it is self-study (although studying it with others can be very helpful and there are groups of people studying it together all over the world).

When I first obtained it, because of an extensive background with meditation, I was advised to start immediately with the lessons. I loved doing them every day and I repeated that year-long process a few more times over the years. I don’t have the book now and haven’t actively read it in years – however that is only because the teaching is part of me now and the practice of what it teaches is easily found in everyday life. Click here to purchase this book.

3) Urban Shaman by Serge King. I have read this several times and found it to be a hugely helpful book in many ways: From its philosophy and principles, to its foundational tools for creating a more effective life and healing yourself and others. The philosophy is very much in line with what I share at this site in general: how to empower yourself. The principles are the seven (or Serge King’s version of the seven) principles of Hawaiian shamanism which are both beautiful and profound. The practical applications include creating harmony in the body, initiiating change through intuition, increasing your energy, healing through ceremony and ritual, and more. I have found at least one of the healing techniques to be profoundly helpful and effective – repeatedly (this one he calls “repatterning” and it is found on page 88). Another one that has been repeatedly effective is grokking water. In this case it has to do with creating rain. The seven principles of Hawiian shamanism are: 1) The world is what you think it is; 2) There are no limits; 3) energy flows where attention goes; 4) Now is the moment of power; 5) To love is to be happy with; 6) All power comes from within; and 7) Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Click here to purchase this book.

4) A Healer’s Guide to Miracles – Integrating Miracle Principles with Hands-on Healing by John Stern: This book takes one of the key principles of A Course in Miracles – “all healing is essentially the release from fear” – and applies this to any form of hands-on healing. In other words, if you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, or any kind of practitioner who works with the body, and if you also subscribe to the above-mentioned principle or if you want to learn more about healing and meditation, then this book is for you. Some of the topics include forgiveness, love, faith, and compassion. There are also some unique meditations for bringing you into  miracle-mindedness along with some other tools for self-healing. Click here to purchase this book. 

5) The Celestine Prophecy: by James Redfield. This is a fictional work about a man’s adventures in Peru discovering some lost and secret manuscripts. Although the writing style is quite amateurish, the lessons about energy are profound. I read this not long after it first came out a couple of decades ago and what I learned about energy – how to get it and, more importantly, how you can lose it – have been very helpful and practical in countless ways. This is another book whose lessons are now simply part of me. Click here to purchase this book.

6) Why is This Happening to me…Again? by Michael Ryce: I cannot say enough good things about what Dr. Ryce shares. It is a very practical application of the main principle of A Course in Miracles – forgiveness. Whether you buy the book, visit his website, or listen to his audiotapes, put into practice what he share. Ie. do the worksheets on forgiveness. I will emphasize what he says: write them out – by hand. I will also add to burn the sheets when you are done as this transmutes the energy on subtle levels. In any case, this is a profoundly helpful tool for clearing the subconscious mind of past traumas and hurts. Click here to purchase this book

7) The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin: This was a paradigm shifter for me. It tells the unknown but well-documented history of the federal reserve. Money is a huge part of our lives. So it is very good to know this part of the history behind it. It is doubly important because that history is very shady. For now, know this: the federal reserve – and this is proven in the U.S. court system – is a privately owned corporation and there is really nothing “federal” about it except its name. Click here to purchase this book.

8) Money as Debt (youtube video)  by Paul Grignon: I found this also to be hugely helpful in understanding the western money system. With the above-mentioned book offering the history, this video gives the consequences of living under this system. I believe that understanding the exponentially increasing debt balloon is one of the most important things to know about why the world has ever-increasing numbers of wars and disasters.

9) Alchemy of the Heart by Michael Brown: This is a very powerful teaching for undoing the ego and coming into present time consciousness. Michael Brown is a very clear teacher in both this book and his other one (see below). Both of these books have a very similar teaching to that of A Course in Miracles (see above) but I think a lot of people who are intimidated or put off by the length and wordiness of ACIM will do better with this author as it is much more succinct and to the point since it is a different era. I have derived great benefit from this book and his other. Click here to purchase this book

10) The Presence Process by Michael Brown: The first edition of this was the author’s first book, followed by Alchemy of the Heart, and later the second edition of this one. In this boo, the author teaches a connected breathing technique which is accompanied by a weekly lesson with additional reading from the relevant chapter of the book. I have found connected breathing—through other teachings and forms of breath work—to be a very valuable tool or technique for coming into the present moment and being more in touch with the heart. I highly recommend both books. Although it is a personal choice, I suggest starting with Alchemy of the Heart as this gives a good understanding before diving into the technique. Click here to purchase The Presence Process.  

11) The Mighty Atom: The Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein by Ed Spielman: This biography is deeply inspiring. In fact, a lot of the inspiration for this website comes from this true story. The Mighty Atom was an old-time strongman from the twentieth century. Pick any part of this book for inspiration: How he overcame being a weak, asthmatic boy and youth who, after training with a circus strongman, became acknowledged by some to be the strongest man ever (at 5’4″ and 145 lb.); the legendary feats of strength that he performed: bending steel spikes with his bare hands, pulling railroad cars, holding back airplanes from moving…with his hair (ropes tied to his long hair)! biting through steel spikes, the fact that he almost never failed, that he became an inspiration in the field of natural health and healing through his products, coaching, and demonstrations; and that he did all this while raising and supporting a big family. But, the most inspiring thing that I received from reading this, was his teaching about the mind, its capabilities to tap into a higher power and demonstrate that power right down to the level of the physical. One man I would have liked to have known personally: Joseph L. Greenstein. Alas, the book comes with a high price tag since the author stopped printing it. Hopefully, that will change one day soon. Click here to purchase this book