how to buy Lyrica online Why this course: Practically nothing can be accomplished in life without being able to put your mind in one place and being able to keep it there. It is useful in: Studying, playing or listening to music, cooking, sleeping, eating, exercising, meditating, on the job, driving, being with friends, being at the store. Topics to be covered include:

  • Staying on the point
  • Doing things that bring you joy
  • The need to not fight with the mind.
  • Concentration as you meditate, and also concentration in waking life, and even in falling asleep at night
  • Concentration/waking is on every single thing that you do during the day and doing it with as much interest, passion, curiosity, and joy as the activity can possibly dictate.
  • Concentration/sleep is going to sleep with an intention, or falling asleep as you pray, and also cultivating lucid dreaming.
  • Yoga poses for concentration
  • Pranayama for concentration
  • The mind, concentration, and diet