http://factsayshello.com/tag/super-cars Why this Unit: The mind is, arguably, the most important instrument that we have. All that we do begins with our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts affects are actions. But what is it that affects our thoughts? Is there a way to make our thoughts clearer and more powerful? The answer is yes and in this unit we will find out why.

use this link Topics to be covered include:

  • Health, body, and mind
  • Understanding the levels of the mind: conscious mind, subconscious, subsubconscious, Superconscious
  • The nature of thought
  • The physical body, pranic body, and astral body
  • The human aura
  • The magic of Color and the mind
  • Avoiding parasitic energy
  • Shifting negative energy into positive energy
  • Renouncing superstition
  • And more